Our data annotation services, with the help of our global workforce, are ideally suited for improving your machine learning models to create better AI (artificial intelligence) systems. By leveraging our domain experts’ knowledge, you can unclutter your AI projects with our efficient and rapid data labeling. Trust us for labeling data at scale as our annotators are adept at labeling any type of data – text, documents, pdfs, html, and more.

Data Classification

Using human annotators, we can quickly classify your data into predetermined categories across any data type. This includes but is not limited to audio and sound classification to support NLP applications like chatbots, automatic speech recognition, text-to-speech, as well as text classification to analyze and label/tag content while understanding the subject, recognizing the intent, and analyzing the sentiment within it.

Data Transcription

Our data transcription services encompassing multiple data types drive more value from your existing data. For example, our team can digitize text that is pictured in an image which can then support optical character recognition (OCR) models. Similarly, our video transcription services convert what is spoken on video into written text for subtitling or captioning. This makes online videos more searchable and accessible because it provides enhanced user experience and boosts search engine optimization (SEO).

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis or emotion AI determines whether a text is positive, negative, or neutral by extracting particular words or phrases. This provides helpful insights that drive effective business strategy. Language is often contextual or vague rendering it very difficult for a machine to understand without human intervention. Therefore, we provide human annotated data that is essential for training a machine learning platform to analyze sentiment.


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