We believe in taking a human approach to connect and discover your specific needs, accurately review your audio files or handwritten notes, and manually transcribe them into perfectly formatted transcripts using our expert legal transcriptionists. NuScript offers support to members of the legal and medical professions in a range of specialties.

Providing complete and comprehensive reviews of medical reports for legal purposes, we ensure that content is written in a jargon-free way, which makes it easy to evaluate a client’s suitability for workers’ compensation or disability benefits associated with an accident or injury.

Our highly versed legal transcriptionists convert the audio files of your depositions, testimonies, hearings, letters, memos, and seminars into easily readable transcripts with over 99% guaranteed accuracy.

Many insurance companies, law firms, and medical practices are benefited by our reliable transcription services for their independent medical examination (IME) and qualified medical examination (QME) reports.

Our expert medico-legal transcription team has deep knowledge of the terminology and industry background to transcribe your Workers’ Compensation transcription reports quickly and accurately.


Our key differentiators

Human touch

All your transcription projects are processed 100% by our professional human transcriptionists.


Your transcripts are prepared exactly the way you require them per your rules, formats, and templates.

Fast turnaround

We deliver your completed transcripts within 24 hours, and rush reports in as little as four hours.


At every stage we ensure that all your information is handled with strict adherence to HIPAA and privacy laws.


Your reports are consistent for spelling, grammar, and context transcribed by subject matter experts.


Our solutions are not just about doing the right things; they're also and always about doing the things right.


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