The most prompt & thorough way to chart completion

Our remote medical scribes empower care providers and stop their burnout. Our team of virtual scribes works offsite to remotely access your EHR/EMR, record all the information received during a patient encounter, and transcribe it into the electronic medical chart. We have a reputation of providing reliable, self-motivated, and passionate scribes to the physicians with whom we work. By taking over this administrative task, your hospital ward, department, or physician’s practice can increase the amount of facetime your medical professionals have with their patients.

Our Virtual Scribe Benefits

Eliminate Physician Burnout

By capturing all the relevant information, our scribes ensure that accurate charts are ready in minutes for sign-off and mitigate providers' workload.

Increase Provider Productivity

By taking care of the mundane data-entry into EMR either in the exam room or later, our scribes succinctly increase productivity of the providers.

Better Work-Life

Our scribes have a protective effect on physicians' well-being by making sure of productive workdays, efficient charting, and better patient outcomes.

End Charting

Our scribes are experts in multiple EMRs and ICD-10 codes and fully aware of what a provider needs in a chart thus ending providers' charting burden.

Boost Revenue
& Income

By handling clinical documentation expertly, our scribes make sure that providers get extra hours at seeing more patients resulting in increased income.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Your patients will enjoy a more personal visit from the provider since there is no need to document during the exam which improves patient satisfaction.


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