Full-service outsourced
transcription for your healthcare enterprise

As a healthcare enterprise, we know you are constantly being challenged and overwhelmed with tackling increasing clinical documentation volume, EMR/EHR adoption, and future imperatives with coding, and doing all of this while trying to reduce costs and improve quality. Your immediate solution is to implement our transcription services. Our medical transcriptionists are fully trained and qualified to produce accurate reports in all medical specialties.

We excel in transcribing documents from the original audio file, speech recognition file, or handwritten notes and reports, storing these to HIPAA standards. The medical profession relies on a high level of competency under pressure, and so do we. With 23 years of experience under our belt, you can be assured that we have developed a robust work process to ensure precise transcription. Whether you are looking to back up your existing transcription team or completely outsource your transcription process, we are on hand to help.


Our seamless
workflow process


Dictate & Submit

You can dictate and submit your reports to our highly secure cloud-based portal effortlessly from your iPhone or Android smartphone, or by accessing our toll-free number, or using a hand-held recorder.


Transfer & Transcribe

Your dictations automatically get transferred with high-level encryption to our experienced medical transcriptionists who transcribe them precisely and securely on our web-based platform.


Review & Audit

All transcribed reports get automatically routed to our quality assurance team of medical editors who review 100% of the content and then to our auditors as needed before they are returned to you.


Return & Store

You can access your files almost immediately in real-time and print or store them at your convenience. We can also access your EMR/EHR and deliver the reports directly to your patient’s chart.

EMR/EHR Transcription

As healthcare providers are overwhelmed by the increasing clinical documentation volume, our solution is designed to completely remove the need for doctors to be tied to their keyboards by undertaking administrative tasks they would rather not do and to free up time for them to spend with their patients. 

Be it private physicians’ offices or large healthcare organizations, we can securely access and populate your EMR/EHR with our accurately transcribed reports or seamlessly interface with your EMR/EHR system.

Voice Recognition Editing

Given the fact that voice/speech recognition is an evolving technology and far from being perfect, our adept speech recognition medical editors have the breadth and depth of knowledge and exposure to enhance the quality and accuracy of your speech-to-text transcripts. 

Regardless of whether the transcripts are from your current speech recognition system, or one provided by us, we handle this for you to produce accurate medical reports, so your providers and assistants are free to handle their core duties.


Our key differentiators

Human touch

All your transcription projects are processed by our professional human medical language specialists.


Your transcripts are prepared exactly the way you require them per your rules, formats, and templates.

Fast turnaround

We deliver your completed transcripts within 24 hours, and your rush reports in as little as one hour.


At every stage we ensure that all your information is handled with strict adherence to HIPAA and privacy laws.


Your reports are consistent for spelling, grammar, and context transcribed by subject matter experts.


Our solutions are not just about doing the right things―they are also and always about doing the things right.


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