FL Health System Adopts Cloud to Enhance Population Health Analytics

Baptist Health South Florida is implementing Innovaccer’s cloud platform to help optimize its population health analytics efforts.

Baptist Health South Florida is set to implement Innovaccer’s Health Cloud platform to enhance population health analytics, provider engagement, and care management across its health system.

These efforts support Baptist Health’s mission to provide value-based care to the communities it serves across its 12 hospitals and 100 outpatient centers. The health system is the largest in the region, and much of the population-based care it provides is related to cancer, cardiovascular health, and orthopedics, according to the press release.

The Innovaccer Health Cloud Data Activation Platform will help Baptist Health integrate disparate clinical and claims data from EHRs with other data sources to create unified patient records. These unified records will enhance provider experience and patient outcomes, the press release states. Additionally, the Baptist Health Quality Network (BHQN), which manages the health system’s population health and value-based care initiatives, will utilize the platform to identify care gaps, generate business insights, and support cost management.

Further, the platform offers a clinician engagement component, which is designed to support collaboration among care teams through unified patient records and care plans. These unified data provide care teams with crucial information such as risk scores, missed care gaps, and prior referrals, according to the press release.

“We’re excited about Innovaccer’s ability to come into our network environment, where staff and independent physicians are using multiple EHRs, and bring that disparate data together to give us a unified view of the patient,” said Milady Cervera, vice president of population health for physician integrated networks at Baptist Health, in the press release. “The platform integrates right into our workflows, so our providers can get comprehensive, actionable insights to improve the provider and patient experience.”

This collaboration is the latest to tackle population health using data analytics.

Earlier this month, Hawaii Health Network and COPE Health Solutions launched a population health partnership focused on providing value-based payment analytics and performance insights under a new Medicare risk arrangement for the clinically integrated network (CIN).

Researchers from Stanford Medicine also recently announced that its Center for Population Health Sciences will implement Komodo Health’s data analytics platform to study the short- and long-term effects of COVID-19 across various populations.

Some of the research will evaluate pandemic-related care disparities, social determinants of health, and the pandemic’s impact on cancer outcomes.

This is also not the first effort to focus on advancing value-based care using unified patient records.

In February, Franciscan Health, a health system with 14 hospitals in Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan partnered with Innovaccer to create unified patient records and support whole-person care. Under the collaboration, the health system aims to enhance care quality and coordination to improve patient outcomes from the previous year.